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About Us

Rice for King Restaurant on Macleod Trail SE. This location offers a wide selection of delicious, Light, and tasty Vietnamese dishes for your enjoyment. Whether you’re craving your favorite dish, or in the mood for trying something new, at RFK, we’re always ready to please your taste!

If you’re looking for something tasty & spicy, try the Satay Beef Noodle Soup, curry Seafood Vermicelli Soup, the Lemon Grass Shrimp, Beef & Chicken on Vermicelli.

We also offer an assortment of appetizer combination platter with grill shrimp, salad rolls & spring rolls, a great sampler to share, that will be sure to satisfy. If you’re an adventure today, try the special spicy beef soup of Bun Bo Hue, for sure it will spice up your day! Enjoy and thank you for supporting us at Rice For King.   

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